Movers, Shakers And Music Makers

The MCAC’s “Movers, Shakers and Music Makers”  is an opportunity for the children to learn the basics in music and choreography. All levels of experience accepted and wanted! This is a wonderful experience for your child to work with others while learning and highlighting natural abilities. Students will work together over the course of three days to showcase their talents in a live performance for the community. 

This performance workshop is for children 4th thru 12th grades, will be held in May 2023, at the Macon County High School auditorium.  Kelly Blackwood, Theatre Instructor at MCHS, and Amy Walworth, Macon County Elementary Music Teacher, will be in charge of the event.   The workshop is funded by Macon County Arts Council and is free to the children. Workshop is limited to 100 students. Deadline to register is January 15, 2022.

Register online or download a hard copy

For more information, email Mrs. Blackwood at , Mrs. Walworth at, or Nicole Bilbro at

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